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Public Liability Taxi Insurance

Public liability taxi insurance – effective protection for you & your taxi firm.

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Why Taxi Liability Insurance?

Public liability Taxi Insurance is required if you deal with council or local authority contracts. Our public liability cover is specifically designed to protect yourself and your business, in the event of any accident involving your passengers. This is sometimes also referred to as taxi business insurance.

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Public Liability Insurance

Protect Yourself and Your Business with Taxi Business Insurance

With over 40 years’ experience, securing public liability cover for UK taxi drivers, we know what cab drivers need for an effective public liability insurance policy. Public liability insurance is an important part of any business which involves the public: it protects the business in question from any potential legal action from third parties. Without the correct public liability taxi cover in place, you risk being held liable – both financially and legally – for any accidents or damage that your passengers may suffer while under your care.

Why Is Additional Public Liability Taxi Insurance Important?

Standard motor-trade or taxi insurance will not protect you legally if, for example, you regularly take young children to school. In this instance, by law you are responsible for the child’s well-being and safety: from the moment they get into your taxi, until you see them safely through the school gates. This means, in the unfortunate event that a child was to be involved in an accident after getting out of your vehicle, you may still be liable for that particular accident. Public liability taxi insurance protects you and your business from any unforeseen circumstances in which you could be held liable for another’s well-being.

If you currently have – or are looking to take on – work that would benefit from public liability cover, it is your legal and moral responsibility to take out public liability insurance for your taxi. This means you will require a public liability cover policy in addition to your standard taxi insurance. Regardless of whether you have any council contract work, in this era of public liability and compensation claims, it pays to be covered.

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Public Liability Cover Protects UK Taxi Drivers on the ‘School Run’

Did you know, taxi drivers who regularly take children to school are lawfully responsible for the child, right up until care has been handed over to the school? This means that, as a taxi driver, you are responsible for the child’s safety, both when the child is inside the taxi, and when they leave the vehicle to approach the school gates. Protect yourself and your taxi business with taxi public liability insurance.