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Motor Fleet Insurance

Simple and flexible motor fleet insurance, for three vehicles or more.
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Fleet and Driver Flexibility

Our motor fleet insurance consists of a single policy with one renewal date. This makes it easy to set up and simple to maintain. Our system provides enough flexibility for different drivers to drive several vehicles, all covered under one fleet policy. Our motor fleet business insurance is perfect for any trade where staff are required to drive any one of the company vehicles during the working day.

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Motor Fleet Insurance Quotes

Specialist Motor Fleet Cover

Protect your fleet of vehicles with Acorn Insurance

Motor fleet insurance is suited to anyone who has more than three vehicles under one policy. Typically, this will be businesses such as car rental companies and courier organisations. This also applies to any company that has a group of company-owned road vehicles.

Whether you are a sole trader with a single van, or a fully-fledged business with a fleet of courier vans and vehicles, it is important that you secure a competitive, high-quality, courier insurance policy. This will ensure you can make as much profit as possible, and can continue to invest your takings back into your business.

A Fleet Insurance Policy To Suit Your Business

Our fleet insurance policies provide the option for insuring mixed vehicles. This means you can have any combination of cars and vans  insured as a group. This type of policy is more competitive than insuring drivers and vehicles on an individual basis; more importantly, it is a lot less hassle.

We offer motor fleet insurance for any customer with a minimum of 3 vehicles within their task-force. This can also be applied to any number of vehicles exceeding this.

Goods in Transit Liability Insurance

If you happen to be carrying goods in transit, these goods should also be covered as part of your fleet insurance policy. Acorn Insurance offers this as a recommended, optional extra to your fleet insurance quote.

If you have a courier or delivery service, you need to make sure that you are insured for any packages, parcels or valuable items that you are transporting. Otherwise, if any goods are damaged in transit, or one of your vehicles get stolen, you will be held responsible. Refer to our courier van insurance page for more information.

It is important to remember to inform us of any valuables you might have in your vehicle. Any items omitted will not be insured if the vehicle is damaged or stolen, meaning you could lose out financially.

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Reducing Motor Fleet Cover Costs

We will reduce costs associated with your fleet insurance policy wherever possible. However, it is worth bearing in mind that there are practical solutions available to bring these costs down further. Below are some useful guidelines for fleet based costs and emissions.

Saving Money as a Motor Trader

The Department for Transport provides funding for the Energy Saving Trust (EST), to give advice to organisation and help them drive down carbon emissions associated with business travel. By drawing up a personalised plan you can considerably reduce your business costs.

This practical advice can be something as simple as purchasing more efficient, low carbon fleet vehicles. It also promotes training employees to drive in an eco-friendly manner. This type of driving improves fuel consumption, also known as smarter driving.

If you have more than 50 fleet vehicles, you will be eligible for a free green fleet review assessment. This is conducted by a fleet management expert. For motor fleets of less than 50, you can get lots of helpful information through the EST website.